Only if You're Thrilled Guarantee

only if youre thrilled guarantee

We guarantee all our vacuum sealed products against freezer burn for 180 days and all our meat products for tenderness.

We offer a full exchange on all products. Food is a perishable item and can not be resold. We are sorry that we can not offer refunds.

About Our Products.

• All Natural
• Antibiotic/Hormone Free
• Certified Organic
• Locally Produced

Butcher Trimmed

  • This way you get exactly what you want with no waste
  • Saves our customers money compared to grocery store cuts which you must often pay extra for trimming
  • Ensures that the customers get full value out of every bite
  • Better trimmed products ensure high consistency of product
  • No boning or trimming which creates less prep time for customer

Portion Controlled

  • Allows our customers to better meet their dietary needs and make healthier choices when it comes to meat consumption, such as for diabetics, and those involved in weight loss programs.
  • Uniform cooking time is possible. Because all cuts of a certain order of meat are the exact same size, shape and weight so they all require the same cooking time. This eliminates the chance of some cuts becoming overdone while others are not done enough.

Flash Frozen and Vacuum Sealed

  • Increases the shelf life of your meat
  • Increased food safety, no risk of cross contamination while cooking
  • Allows meat to be cooked from frozen
  • Ensures retention of natural flavour and nutrition
  • Allows meats to be aged perfectly before frozen quickly
  • Portion ready products save on space compared to conventional grocery store packaging


Here's what our customers have to say about us.

Jason L.

These products are amazing!!! A must try if you want an amazing steak!!! Just had Jonnel stop by our neighbourhood and knocked on our door wondering if we were interested in buying some great hormone/antibiotic free meat?? Showed me some samples and offered a great price. It was a no brainer to me and the wife and our soon to be new baby on the way. So, no sooner did Jonnel leave that we cracked the boxes open and grabbed two flat iron steaks and fired up the BBQ. Have to say, probably one of the best steaks I have had in a long time!!! Strongly recommend anyone interested in some great meat to give this a try. And as an even better bonus, they come to direct to you. No fighting in grocery stores parking and lines for some mediocre, red die filled beef!! Plus, with the number of these corporate big box stores having large recalls for their products contaminated with listeriosis and who knows what else! Now it is up to you to try for yourself!! You won't regret it!

Natasha Y.

Just tried the scallops... Being from Nova Scotia I'd never think I could get a scollop so fresh and of high quality in Ottawa!!! I've also enjoyed the chicken and pork which both also had amazing flavour and great quality in cut.

Shane P.

Jonnel offers the best product in town and we enjoy everything we buy. The pork ribs were awesome and we can't wait to try some of the steaks we just picked up.

Heather L.

I was pleasantly surprised by a knock on the door last week by HFS! The customer service was out of this world and the meat is by far better than the grocery store it IS TOP quality butcher grade meat! Having two young girls eating hormone and antibiotic meat is extremely important to us and having the freshest products delivered right to your door at an incredible price - well what more can you ask for!!! Thank you Farm2Fork you have a loyal customer with our family!!!

Brad M.

BEST BEEF EVER!!!! Jonnel came by yesterday and dropped off a meat and chicken package, so natural some had to go on the grill that night for dinner. Cooked up the beef skewers and they were to die for, the meat was delicious. We had friends over and one of them doesn't like the taste of beef, she tried a piece after us raving about it and she ended up eating a whole skewer!